Okay I have to say this…

I am so sick of female fans of any sport acting like they are better than other female fans!! As a female hockey fan, I will admit that we are the worst. We are always ready to label other female fans as puck bunnies or fangirls!! I can honestly say that I get more respect from male fans then I do female fans for my knowledge of the sport!! And you know what people need to get over the fact that FEMALE fans will be attracted to MALE players!! I cannot help it that I find a guy attractive and guess what?! If he was a guy who worked at a restaurant instead of a hockey player I would still be attracted to him!! Sorry I just had to say this!!

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tagged as: Hockey. female fans. ugh this really irritates me. I get that there are some girls who just want to say they slept with a hockey player. but that's not every girl.

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